praise for The Focused Business:

"Crenshaw has mastered the perfect recipe for small business success. This book rocks!"
Michael Symon, Iron Chef and Restaurateur

"This is the one book I wished I had when I first started out in business. The Focused Business is jam-packed with street-smart strategies to help you achieve success NOW. Crenshaw rips apart all your excuses and will jump-start you on your way to the profits you deserve!"
"Famous Dave" Anderson, founder of the World's Best BBQ Joint

"As someone who has lived the tale Dave Crenshaw tells, focus always triumphs over chaos! Don't be attracted to all shiny objects; find the right object and make it shine!"
Lynda Weinman, cofounder of

"This is a refreshingly honest and inventive approach to small business! I love it."
Neil Grimmer, CEO and cofounder of Plum Organics

"Dave has perfectly captured the sobering reality of an entrepreneurial existence. Follow his advice and your path to excellence and the 'ultimate harvest' will be more rewarding and a lot less stressful. I wish this book existed five years ago."
Raegan Moya-Jones, CEO and cofounder of Aden & Anais

"Dave Crenshaw is spot on with his assessment that chaos is a business killer. If we weren't able to focus and build the correct systems to avoid chaos, OtterBox wouldn't be the industry leader in mobile device protection."
Curt Richardson, founder and chairman, OtterBox

"The path of the entrepreneur is littered with every imaginable personal and professional struggle. Thank you, Dave, for showing how to overcome that chaos as entrepreneurs journey toward success."
Anisa Telwar Kaicker, founder and president, Anisa International

"Crenshaw outlines a winning game plan for entrepreneurs in The Focused Business. Highly entertaining and enlightening!"
Mark Eaton, NBA All-Star, speaker and founder,

Praise for Dave's previous books:

"Dave Crenshaw demonstrates how multitasking is, in fact, a lie that actually wastes time, energy, and money ...'Switchtasking,' as Dave calls it, not only uses up more of our resources, but it also diminishes our overall productivity."
Chuck Norris, actor and martial artist

"We live in an ADHD world. And I'm glad we do. But as Dave understands, the secret is to do one important thing at a time, with focus. If you can take the time to focus on his message, you'll be glad you did."
Seth Godin, author of Tribes

"At, our core values include pursuing growth and learning, doing more with less, and building a positive team and family spirit. Dave's message can resonate with anyone looking to live those values and make themselves invaluable."
Tony Hsieh, CEO,

"Invaluable is the next logical step in career development. This story will show you step-by-step how to increase your value in the market and increase workplace harmony."
Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive

"Invaluable bridges the gap between employee-manager relationships and productivity. Companies that implement this message not only stand to improve their bottom line but also make their work environments happier for everyone."
Keith Ferrazzi, author of Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

"If every busy professional could internalize Crenshaw's message in this book, we'd all get much more done in less time."
Gina Trapani, lead editor at Lifehacker, author of Upgrade Your Life

"Every great CEO and rainmaker needs this book!"
Jeffrey J. Fox, author of How to Become a Rainmaker

"A fresh take on the problem of timewasters in our corporate and personal lives, The Myth of Multitasking will change your paradigm about what is productive and what is not. I loved the concept of 'switchtasking' versus multitasking. A must-read for all."
Hyrum Smith, co-founder, Franklin Covey; CEO, Galileo