Who is Dave Crenshaw?

Why did Chuck Norris mention Dave Crenshaw in The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book? Why have Iron Chef Michael Symon, "Famous Dave" Anderson, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and many more successful entrepreneurs praised Crenshaw's work? Book him for your show and find out!

Dave Crenshaw has appeared in Time magazine, FastCompany, USA Today, and the BBC News. His witty and wise approach to small business is unlike anything you've heard before.

Dave is currently on the warpath to tear down CHAOS Inc., a secret society of villains seeking to destroy free enterprise throughout the world! He’s logged over 150 hours of recent live interview time, grew up in the radio industry, and knows what it takes to keep your audience ENTERTAINED and ENGAGED.

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The Evil Forces Of CHAOS Inc. Are Out To Destroy Your Small Business!

Here's How You Can Stop Them...

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Anyone who owns or works in a business is at risk. Massive risk. Within five years of business operation, more than half of all businesses fail. By year ten, more than 65% are cut down. In U.S.A. alone, more than one business shuts it doors, EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.


  • Is it failed government programs?
  • Is it irresponsible fiscal policy?
  • Is the media giving false messages?
  • Is the rising generation just lazy?
  • Is the “American Dream” dead?

The answer? None of the above. There is a CLANDESTINE organization working behind the scenes to DESTROY free enterprise as we know it. It has infiltrated every organization throughout the world. Most businesses are supporting its cause, every day, and don’t even know it!

In this highly original take on free enterprise, bestselling author, speaker, and business coach Dave Crenshaw confronts Chaos Inc., the prime culprit of small business failure.

He’ll arm your listeners with the SUPERHERO utility belt they need to defeat Chaos Inc. and take control of the economy.

With wit, wisdom, and just a smidgen of irreverence, Dave Crenshaw will EXPOSE the Seven Agents of Chaos Inc., live on your show. He’ll show you and your listens how to:

  • Expose The Con, who got you into business for all the wrong reasons.
  • Beat down Jack-of-All-Trades, who divides your time and attention.
  • Cage The Gorilla, who masquerades as a strong employee but instead makes a mess.
  • Foil Ms. Opportunity, who seduces and distracts you with get-rich-quick ideas.
  • Stifle Siphon, who bleeds you dry with unprofitable customers.
  • Short circuit Overload, who overwhelms you with analysis paralysis.
  • Outwit The Jumbler, who confuses your customers about your marketing message.

All listeners will also be able to take away a 100% FREE resource from the show: the CHOAS QUIZ. This assessment will reveal how much CHAOS INC. has infiltrated itself into their lives, and, more importantly, how to take ACTION to conquer it—permanently.

For any host looking to combine ENTERTAINMENT with real-world, practical SAVVY, this interview is a must-have!