The Evil Forces Of CHAOS Inc. Are Out To Destroy Your Small Business!

Here's How You Can Stop Them...

If you own or work in a small business, you're at risk. Massive risk. Within five years of business operation, more than half of all businesses fail. By year ten, more than 65% are cut down.

Why is this? And - more importantly - how can YOU break the cycle?

In this highly original take on entrepreneurship, bestselling author, speaker, and business coach Dave Crenshaw confronts Chaos, the prime culprit of small business failure. He then arms you with the superhero utility belt you need, The Focus Tools, to defeat Chaos and build a focused business.

Through real-world examples, in-depth worksheets a healthy dose of wit, The Focused Business helps business owners and their key employees:

  • Expose the con, who got you into business for all the wrong reasons.
  • Beat down jack-of-all-trades, who divides your time and attention.
  • Cage the bear, who masquerades as a strong employee but instead makes a mess.
  • Foil ms. opportunity, who seduces and distracts you with get-rich-quick ideas.
  • Stifle siphon, who bleeds you dry with unprofitable customers.
  • Short circuit overload, who overwhelms you with analysis paralysis.
  • Outwit the jumbler, who confuses your customers about your marketing message.

For any entrepreneur seeking to create a solid foundation for lasting growth, The Focused Business is the fun, inventive, and absolutely invaluable guidebook.